We introduce traditionally underrepresented middle school, high school and college students to STEM subjects, majors and training. We encourage them to learn about the curricula, unique benefits and the ever-growing job opportunities that STEM-based companies like tech and health care offer. Our goal is to create multiple opportunities so Illinois-based students can participate in STEM-related activities, receive an invaluable education and continually grow in this intriguing field. The more they learn about STEM, the more career opportunities – and confidence – our students can expect.

What We Offer

We educate students to realize STEM careers have expanded far beyond tech and into medicine and other health-related and creative fields. We partner with universities, medical schools and other organizations to provide rewarding enrichment opportunities that strengthen STEM-based skills. After school, weekend and summer programs are available for every student. A quick search for programs in your neighborhood should produce a list of STEM-focused courses, majors and activities.

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