The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, and these startups are at the leading edge.

Startups and STEMM Learning in Chicago

Technology touches nearly all aspects of our lives. Healthcare has seen especially rapid technological developments. At CPASS, we are dedicated to working toward a more inclusive, diverse future for STEMM and healthcare. Here are five promising healthcare startups that inspire our mission of getting more students from all backgrounds into the field.

1) Freenome

For many years, researchers have sought cancer tests that are easier for patients and faster for doctors. Liquid biopsies may make it possible for doctors to use a small blood sample to screen for cancer, whether or not symptoms have appeared. One company focusing on liquid biopsies is San Francisco-based Freenome. According to Inc., ??Freenome says its tests do better than the current options for diagnosing prostate, breast, colorectal, and lung cancers.?

2) Clover Health

Healthcare Startups and STEMM

Health insurance can be incredibly complicated and overwhelming ? so much so that navigating the process can deter patients from seeking treatment. The founders of Clover Health are transforming the system. This San Francisco-based startup uses clinical and social data to optimize preventive medicine, and to help elderly and low-income patients avoid hospital visits.

3) Call9

Tim Peck may be the only entrepreneur to spend three months living in a nursing home as part of his company?s launch process. Peck has long been well-versed in the rise of telemedicine, technology that allows patients to receive a doctor?s care by phone, messaging, or video. But telemedicine often requires a mobile app ? technology largely unavailable in nursing homes. During his three months at Central Island Healthcare, in Plainview, New York, Peck found many opportunities to make the technology accessible to the nursing home patient population.

4) NeoLight

Too often, empathy can seem at odds with the culture of medical training. NeoLight has set out to change that. The company is, in its own words, ?reinventing newborn healthcare through empathy-driven solutions.? Its technologies treat infants with life-threatening conditions. The Skylife? Phototherapy System, NeoLight?s first product, is a portable device that treats neonatal jaundice, a condition common in preterm babies.

5) Prognos

Prognos and STEMM Learning

More than just a buzzword, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in medicine. The New York City-based startup Prognos uses AI to predict diseases and empower patients to make informed decisions that are right for them, at earlier stages of disease, with the ultimate goal of eradicating illnesses.

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As these companies demonstrate, healthcare technology is an exciting, rapidly changing landscape. A strong STEMM foundation will prepare today?s students to meet the challenges of tomorrow?s new careers. At CPASS, we?re committed to preparing underrepresented students for high-quality careers through STEMM education and access to resources. Sign up for emails to learn more about our work.