Misinformation about the pandemic may have cost lives. Fortunately, the Land of Lincoln is on the forefront of teaching students Media Literacy.

Fake news isn?t new?it became widespread when early newspapers demonstrated their power over public opinion. And while we now have access to more information than ever before in human history, misinformation has evolved into a potent tool to seed social conflict. Research shows that people who believed false information were also more likely to refuse to take vaccines.?

In response, Illinois was the first state in the US to require all high school students to take a Media Literacy course. Starting in the 2022?2023 school year, Illinois high schoolers will be required to learn how to be socially responsible consumers and creators of media content.

We at CPASS recommend that?communities focus on these strategies to help serve all students:

At CPASS Foundation, we are here to support traditionally underrepresented middle school, high school, and college students by introducing them to STEMM subjects, majors, and training. We provide guidance and thought leadership to help create opportunities for students in Illinois to participate in STEMM-related fields.?Contact Dr. Stephen Martin?to learn more about how you can partner with CPASS Foundation to create more opportunities for Black and other underrepresented students in the Chicago area.