School may be out, but STEMM learning is still in session.

Giving kids a foundation in STEMM can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Every day brings plenty of opportunities to open our children?s eyes to science and tech. The following summertime activities show how easy and fun it is to learn right at home.

1. Try the classic egg drop challenge.

Ever wonder what will happen when you drop an egg from a height? A common activity in high school physics classes, this activity can be adapted for all ages. In fact, even young students get a thrill from it. Challenge your kids to design a way to protect the egg when it?s dropped. Learn more about the science behind the experiment here.

2. Explore the science behind gardening.

Good news for families with gardens: there?s plenty of STEMM learning opportunities right in your yard! Teach your kids how seeds sprout, flower, and bear fruit. When the food is ripe, cook some delicious yard-to-table meals.

3. Become an expert baker.

Guess what? Science happens every time you turn on your oven. Baking is one of the best ways to introduce younger kids to math and science. Measuring out ingredients reinforces critical math skills, and discussing the transformation of solids and liquids during the baking process is an easy science lesson.

Bonus tip: Check out these edible science experiments.

4. Explore the architecture and public works near your home.

A field trip to your city?s local infrastructure facilities are an easy way to do some STEMM learning outside the house. For a simple primer in civil engineering and architecture, check out your local wastewater treatment plan, electric plant, or manufacturing plant. Many have free tours available.

5. Head to STEMM camp.

There are plenty of coordinated STEMM learning opportunities right here in Illinois. Our database aggregates the best of our state?s programs and activities in one easy-to-use, centralized search tool. Find one near you today.

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