The Importance of “Early”

There’s no question that STEM skills are required to succeed in today’s job market. And children of all backgrounds need immersion as early as possible to get there.

A student’s early years are a crucial time: a child’s brain develops more than any other time in life before age 5. And what happens in the classroom — or what doesn’t — during those critical years can have a lasting impact in the long run. Given the importance of STEM skills, it’s no surprise that we need to foster learning in the field early on to ensure that students can succeed in life.

Early STEM learning can make or break a student’s future success.

Education experts advocate for early STEM exposure, the importance of which research has affirmed. The Department of Education has stated that “early exposure to STEM has positive impacts across the entire spectrum of learning. For example, early math knowledge not only predicts later math success, it also predicts later reading achievement.”

While the importance of STEM learning is a given, the quality or availability of opportunities is not. Too many children do not get exposure into the field at an early age. Many schools and early childhood education programs lack the resources to bring developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to the children who need them most.

These missed chances can set a child back for life. Recent studies have found that many young people do not graduate with the necessary skills to thrive in an evolving, tech-heavy workforce.

The answer lies in more opportunities for STEM learning.

At CPASS, we are committed to closing the diversity gap in the STEM fields. We introduce traditionally underrepresented students to STEM subjects, majors, and training. Our goal is to create multiple opportunities so Illinois-based students can participate in STEM-related activities, receive an invaluable education and continually grow in this intriguing field.

We have many opportunities for middle school, high school, and college students, but we also realize the importance of early STEM education. Summer camps and programs are a wonderful way to introduce younger students to the skills and careers they’ve never heard of. Our new database is the first of its kind to aggregate all of Illinois’ amazing opportunities in the field.

Search for a STEM summer camp, program, or activity for your student here Stem Search.

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CPASS Foundation aims to open up the pathway of future jobs in healthcare and technology to underrepresented middle school, high school, and college students in Illinois. We offer exposure to STEM careers in medicine and other fields that many students have never even heard about.

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