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The New Normal

All healthcare professionals deal with workplace stress, but the coronavirus pandemic has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on the shoulders of medical workers.

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The Impact of Remote Learning on Education

Using electronic technologies to access educational curriculum while outside of the traditional classroom, students and teachers are finding new ways to stay connected and engaged while staying safe at home.

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Next Steps for Diversifying STEM

Recent research found that from 2002 to 2017, there was an increase in diversity in medical school enrollment. But many say the rate of change has been too slow.

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CPASS Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2019

Greetings CPASS supporters and friends!

Welcome to our first ever newsletter. We will be sending these out on a quarterly basis to keep you abreast of what we are doing, as well as to offer a window into developments in STEM education across Illinois.

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5 Tips to Guide Your Med School Application

From advance strategizing to polishing that personal statement, there are simple ways to craft a stand-out application medical school. Completing your med school application is the first step on your journey to the profession, and it?s an important one. We?ve compiled...

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